Hey guys! This is Maneesh Sethi.

I built this site exactly two years ago (in January 2010) to raise money to build a school in Upil Badi, a tiny village in rural India.

With your help, I managed to raise over $5000 to build the school and teach the kids invaluable technology skills that will provide them access to a future they never would have dreamt of before.

I had some spare time lately and decided to help the American Peace Corps to raise money to build a health care center in the north of Cameroon.

I just give you the details:

The health care center will be located in the north of Cameroon.
This region has the problem, that the infrastructure over there is very bad. This automatically leads to bad health care.
In fact, most of the deaths in this region are due to preventible diseases.
People would easily survive if they had access to doctors.
That's why we're building it there.

The health centre will:

  • change the lives of 14.000 people (!) in 15 villages
  • be integrated into the government's health care system, meaning that they will
    • provide medical equipment for the center,
    • send medical professionals there,
    • and keep the center running themselves.

This means we just have to fund the building of the center, the government will take care of everything else.

Right now (January 2nd 2012), we only need to raise an additional $904 to build the center.
Every donation - however small - will put us closer to that goal.
Every single one of you guys can help to make a difference - even if it is just $1.
So please go ahead and help us to build this center and raise the quality of life for the people of north Cameroon.

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