The Project

Upli Badi is a tiny village in Rajasthan, one of the poorest states in India. Their public school, run by two teachers and a principal for 106 kids.  We are wiring the school with Internet and building a computer lab to give kids their first access to technology.  

Starting January 15, the project begins. Here is what we are doing.

  • Giving the school it's first access to eletricity and Internet. 
  • Helping construct a library and computer lab.
  • Purchasing 3-5 computers.
  • Teaching Computer Literacy and English classes several times a week. 

Throughout the year, Upli Badi Primary School children will have their first access to technology. None of these children have ever used a computer before. Within a few months, these children will learn how to use the Internet and basic computer literacy skills. 

How can you help?

It doesn't take much to make a difference.

Families from this town live on less than three dollars a day. A donation of $250 will buy a computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse for these children. With the education we provide, these kids will be able to access the Internet, learn how to be a part of the information economy, and potentially help surmount their limited opportunities and succeed.

$250 will buy a computer. $50 will buy classroom school supplies for a month. Just one dollar can change these childrens' lives.

We raised over $1000 in 1 week with one video!

Jan 16, 2010: I entered a video contest on the website I placed 3rd in the contest, with over 10,000 views, and over $1,000 donated!
You can see the contest by clicking here..

Here is the video in its entirety. The mention of begins around minute 5'40".

Ready To Make A Difference? Donate

Thanks for supporting our mission. You can donate with any credit card via Paypal.

- $250 buys a computer
- $100 pays for three months Internet access.

$50, $75, or any amount helps these kids in a way they never could have imagined.